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More Processes, More Throughput,
in Less Space

Introducing the S-Cubed Scene-12Max™

The next frontier in wafer photolithographic processing for high volume production.

Pushing the limits of small footprint tools, and high overall value.

Advanced Wafer Processing Intelligence

The design and build of the Scene-12Max is the culmination of many years experience designing, building and refining photolithographic processing systems at S-Cubed. In the Scene-12Max our architecture reaches its full potential with more stacked processes, our most advanced robotics, high reliability, and the lowest overall cost of ownership of any similar wafer processing tool.

Key features of our Scene-12Max™ System include:

  • Customizable, stacked process modules serviced by a robot with 6 axis’ of movement programmable in both polar and cartesian coordinates. 
  • The worlds first wafer level convection oven. These ovens take the place of up to 8 hot plates, dramatically reducing cost and footprint requirements in the fab.
  • The only completely self cleaning spin bowls in the industry, dramatically reducing tool downtime.
  • Hot plates that never need cleaning, again reducing tool downtime and improving throughput.

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