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Comprised of a team of accomplished engineers and entrepreneurs, S-Cubed has a long history of designing and manufacturing innovative equipment for semiconductor lithography and allied industries. Our equipment are deployed in fabs and labs throughout the world and are fully supported by our global service capability. Our most advanced semiconductor tools for production environments are based on our unique modular architecture which provides the most process control in the smallest footprint.

The key advantage that S-Cubed holds over other wafer processing equipment manufacturers is that our modular architecture approach allows us to build exactly the machine you need for your throughput and wafer processing requirements. With S-Cubed, you are never forced to select from a limited catalog of pre-designed machines that are typically larger and contain more processing complexity than you will ever need. Our modular approach actually makes our machines simpler, yet never compromises any of the consistency, automation, and reliability you expect.

Additionally, S-Cubed holds many patents and has been involved in the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of many industry breakthroughs including, but not limited to:

Our current tools have some of the most advanced features currently on the market:


Our belief is that we must find ways to help our customers achieve their goals, while providing exceptional reliability, functionality and value. We believe in the concept of Kaizen – to never be satisfied with what is, but to constantly seek ways to improve in every aspect of what we do.


S-Cubed provides the highest reliability and functionality within the smallest footprint. We do this by eliminating “non value added” hardware, which entails our modular products to be assembled in a vertically integrated manufacturing operation that allows for efficient product assembly and testing every step of the way. After 25 years of designing and building equipment, all components of S-Cubed tools are mature, dependable, and represent some of the most innovative and consistent platforms in the industry.


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