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"Flexi" Photoresist Spin Processing Systems


The customizability of Flexi's compact process modules results in a diverse range of process capabilities for wafers up to 200mm. By allowing customers to choose their modules, we supply exactly what they need for their specific processes.

With high speed robot(s) capable of up to 5 axes of motion, spin bowls with up to two radial dispense arms, and stackable hotplates up to 4 per module, the Flexi architecture offers reliable, high process throughput in the smallest footprint possible.  

One Architecture, Many Processes.


S-Cubed photoresist coat and develop tools are both flexible in their ability to coat both thin and thick films, and reliable in their consistent ability to deliver optimal uniformity. Not only do we develop resist films and processing equipment, we also develop novel processes themselves!


The S-Cubed Typhoon process equipment can be configured for lift-off and resist strip processing. Depending on process requirements, we can implement immersed soaks and agitation, high pressure spray, Megansonic activation of heated chemistries.


S-Cubed  WEE Systems are both metrology tools in that they measure diameter and warpage, and exposure tools that ensure perfectly placed edge exposure, regardless of the substrate. 


Scene can be configured for thermal reflow of both solder balls and pillars. Depending on configuration, we can support flux apply, reflow and clean, and fluxless formic acid process. One tool allowing for two processes!

  • Achieves Extremely high coating uniformity
  • Recipe based interchange of 200mm & 300mm wafers
  • Square substrate handling
  • Extremely low maintenance, self cleaning hot plates and spin bowl.
  • Dual end effector robots for high throughput.
  • Completely programmable dispense heights and positions
  • Low overall cost of ownership
  • Multiple lift-off methods supported, including soak and agitate, high pressure spray, Megasonic nozzle, etc.
  • NMP/DMSO can be employed with a scrub brush for the removal of etch veils
  • Possibility for recirculation of materials, reducing overall consumption
  • Low overall cost of ownership
  • Available as stand-alone machine, or integrated into a coat develop tool as a module or on the develop bowl.
  • Positive and negative resist processes supported.
  • Multiple writes supported, including protection of serial numbers with negative resist
  • Metrology is run on every substrate, ensuring precision exposure, regardless of warp or substrate to substrate diameter differences.
  • Extreme thermal profiling accuracy; an infinite number of zones due to the use of proximity as a source of heating
  • Both flux or flux-less processes in same unit.
  • Wafer level processing ensuring clean room environment and no particulate
  • Fastest move into a chill profile in industry
  • Ultra-small footprint
  • Machine pays for itself in reduced N2 consumption, lowest in the industry.

Standard Features

The Flexi architecture uses multiple process modules so we can configure exactly the machine capabilities and throughput that you will need for the most efficient and reliable implementation of your process.

  • Programmable exhaust ensuring the appropriate solvent ambient
  • Dispense arms have programmable positions in theta and z axes
  • Dual arm dispensers up to four fluids per dispense arm
  • Self Cleaning Spin Cup
  • Programmable pin height and fixed proximity combination.
  • Hot plate does NOT require cleaning, reducing cost and downtime for maintenance. 
  • Chill plate is simple, with no moving parts. 
  • Swaps at process modules and cassettes
  • Industry Exclusive precision wafer centering on the end effector. The positioning takes place during the move.
  • Tool teaches itself to center the wafer precisely at the spinners. Built in metrology for wafer centering.

Additional Options

For more information please call the S-Cubed engineering team directly at
(973) 263-0640


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