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S-Cubed Basics

Flexi Basic

This  manually loaded system handles multiple wafer sizes and provides the coating capabilities of a fully automated HVM system. The Flexi Basic provides automated process parameter control and is capable of producing all of the capabilities of the worlds most expensive and sophisticated tools.

Flexi manual photoresist coater


The FotoFab is a manually loaded system with automated process steps allowing for production level repeatability in a manually loaded system. The system is ideal for both scholastic and light industrial users where a full scale industrial process needs to be emulated or developed. The system comes complete with fully automated, integrated, and programmable dispensers, two dispense arms, spin bowl exhaust, and hot/cold plates. The user simply provides power and facility exhaust. It’s “Just what you need”, nothing more and nothing less.


The Cyclone is a manually-loaded surface treatment tool that can be adapted to multiple dispense techniques including but not limited to high pressure spray, megasonic nozzle, agitation, and low impact puddle formation. The Cyclone also offers the option to attach a rotating brush for scrub cleans.

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