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LIQUIDUS Thermal Reflow System is compact yet powerful. Liquidus allows for even greater process control at the wafer surface with its uniquely enclosed process environment.

As the industry’s smallest, most versatile wafer level reflow tool, the Liquidus can be configured to support formic acid assisted flux-less reflow, flux coat reflow and clean, or both on the same system.  Due to the enclosed environment of the system, there is a drastically reduced consumption of Nthat will eventually pay for the machine itself, while also allowing for improved process control by manipulation of the thermal profile.

Standard Features

  • Programmable temperature within a single chamber using proximity between heated and cooled surfaces
  • Temperature profile is more controllable, with higher temperature change than standard conveyor based systems or multiple reflow plate systems
  • Stackable reflow chambers for maximum throughput and minimal footprint
  • Minimized N2 consumption due to enclosed process area
  • One tool, two processes. Flux apply, reflow, and clean and flux-less reflow using formic acid
  • FOUP to FOUP or cassette to cassette robotic automation
  • Programmable process starts based on Oconcentration (<10 ppm)

Examples of Solder Ball Reflow by the Liquidus

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