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The NEPTUNE cleaning system offers efficient, simultaneous cleaning of both the front and back of wafers and substrates for a variety of important industry applications.

Substrates are run back and forth across a shuttle mechanism that carries the substrates through concurrent spinning roller brushes made of quality tufted nylon/PVA. With its innovative pin-type robot handler and chuck, the Neptune ensures that the substrate is handled with minimal contact of both faces. Programmable spin and agitation speeds up to 6000 RPM allow for quick and uniform drying. 

Standard Features

The Neptune can be configured to process either square or round substrates.
  • Load module holds up to four cassettes
  • Stationary polar robot with pin type dual-end effectors
  • One programmable spin bowl with brush bed interior
  • Programmable nylon/PVA roller brushes
  • Cleaning shuttle mechanism to carry substrates through roller brushes
  • Advanced programmable solvent dispense for rinsing
  • Spin speeds up to 6000 rpm for fast and uniform substrate drying 
  • Programmable bowl and backside rinses
  • Pin type chuck for minimal surface contact when handling substrate
  • Simple stationary cleaning solvent dispense 
  • Cylindrical roller brushes that rotate in opposite directions 
  • Shuttle mechanism transfers substrate back and forth from the spinner through the brushes
  • Clear acrylic splash guard to protect tool from splashing
  • Swaps at process modules and cassettes
  • Pin type dual end effectors for minimal substrate contact handling and high throughput

For more information please call the S-Cubed engineering team directly at
(973) 263-0640


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