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Semiconductor Lithography Equipment manufacturer - S-Cubed

The S-Cubed Engineering team is comprised of accomplished engineers and entrepreneurs with a long history of designing and manufacturing innovative equipment for semiconductor lithography and allied industries. Our equipment is deployed in fabs and labs throughout the world. Our most advanced semiconductor products for production environments are the S12 and the S8 which provide the most process control and the least Cost Of Ownership in the industry. 

S-Cubed holds many patents and has been involved in the design, manufacture and marketing of many semiconductor wafer processing industry “firsts” including:

  • First wafer level convection oven.
  • First Flux and Fluxless pillar and solder ball reflow tool.
  • First resist self-planarizing process for square substrates.
  • First practical “robotic” wafer handling system.

Our most current tools include some of the most advanced developments in semiconductor lithography equipment including:

  • Programmable Z (height) during Photoresist Dispense
  • The Industry’s first fully programmable LED based Wafer Edge Exposure system capable of uniformity of exposure width within 75 microns on wafers warped up to 7mm.
  • Multiple Nozzle Solvent systems for Lift Off Processing
  • Multiple Interchangeable Wafer size capability as a standard
  • Camera Based measurement and sensing systems


Our Philosophyabout-graph

Our belief is that we must find ways to help our customers achieve their goals, while providing exceptional reliability, functionality and value. We believe in the concept of Kaizen, never satisfied with what is but seeking ways to continuously improve in every aspect of what we do for our customers..



Semiconductor Lithography Process Equipment Manufacturer S-Cubed

S-Cubed provides higher reliability, more functionality and a smaller footprint – all at a lower cost. We do this by eliminating “non value added” hardware, and by having a modular product assembled in a vertically integrated manufacturing operation that allows for maximally efficient and nimble product assembly. After 25 years of designing photolithography equipment, our control design and software controlled robotics are mature and reliable and represent some of the most advanced performing lithographic platforms in the industry.

Mechanical Components: Extruded frame gussets and mounts hinges bearings and holders motors slides are designed for durability and efficiency.

Electrical Control Systems: We have deep experience in power distribution and digital robotics control using distributed processing. Our use of Brushless DC Servo motors ensures precise control of process parameters as well as smooth, fast and gentle wafer handling.

Software: Data Base Driven – Our software and control algorithms have evolved over decades.  The maturity and modularity of the software ties in simply and reliably to the control hardware to reduce sensors and improve system accuracy.  Our modular, database driven approach enhances reliability and reduces costs through component elimination.


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