Flux Reflow, Clean, and Fluxless Reflow (Formic Acid)

S-cubed’s thermal reflow chamber design is unique in the world for its ability to marry throughput capability with extreme thermal profiling accuracy. With the S-cubed design you no longer have to move wafers between hot plates or rely on a large nitrogen filled conveyor furnace which was never intended for wafer level processing. With the S-Cubed reflow configuration, nitrogen consumption in the design is so reduced that the machine pays for itself in a short period of time just through nitrogen savings.

  • Enclosed local hotplate environment uses less N2 per wafer than any other reflow technology.
  • Worlds fastest move into a chill profile, as the substrates do not need to move to separate hot plates or furnace chambers.
  • Reflow in an enclosure with formic acid (flux or fluxless process programmable in same unit)
  • Greater temperature profile control and uniformity.
  • Clean room compatible processing
  • Ultra small footprint



The melting and adhesion of solder balls dropped on prepared screen-printed pads of flux is a standard industrial process generally referred to as solder ball reflow. The reflow process is typically carried out in conveyor ovens using forced convection for uniformity

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Device package dimensions have shrunk, necessitating the reduction of the pitch for device to package interconnections. This need has led to copper pillar “bumping” in which a pillar of copper is plated into a mold typically formed of photoresist.

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