Typhoon Processing-S-Cubed’s Unique Approach to Surface Treatments/Wet Processes

By combining our vast experience in wafer spin processing and our expertise in materials engineering, S-Cubed delivers in our Typhoon systems, robust wet processing equipment for cleans, etches and lift-off processing. Extensive use of sapphire like materials ensures machine longevity and reliability.

The Typhoon processes are available on Cyclone, Flexi, and Scene tools and handle all substrate geometries (round, square, rectangle).

All machines support the following capabilities


  • Multi-level chemical drains for sequential processing in single bowl.
  • Diverted Drains for non-compatible processing in single bowl

Dispense and Treatment Capabilities:

  • Constant Aerial Timing (CAT) dispense option
  • Puddle formation with agitation
  • Megasonic
  • Scrub technology: PVA brushes, Crimped nylon, multiple brush configurations
  • High pressure spray using sapphire nozzles
  • N2 Jet assisted droplet impact

Chuck Options:

  • Edge handling chucks for front/backside processing
  • Vacuum chucks
  • Lip seal chucks
  • Highly warped substrate handling capabilities


  • Cleans: RCA and DSP
  • Wet etches, oxides and metal (DHF/ Peroxide cyclic cleans)
  • Wafer Scrub, single and double sided
  • Lift-off processing
  • Photoresist Strip
  • Flux Removal
Cyclone System for wafer processing.
Our Cyclone System configured for Typhoon Wafer Processing




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