Wafer Edge Exposure (WEE)

For Wafer Edge Exposure usage, the S-Cubed WEE series processor remains the most flexible, and configurable solution in the world. Advanced robotics and 5th generation software allow us to achieve the highest possible throughput for production level WEE processing in BEOL equipment.

  • Wafer sizes up to 300mm for Silicon 340mm for in-bedded
  • High Power and Dual End Effector robot makes for Highest Throughput
  • Up to 15000 milliwatts per square centimeter exposure energy
  • Programmable exposure dose
  • Closed loop control of exposure dose
  • Exposure dose traceable to NIST
  • No need to handle, buy or swap masks. Pattern and wafer size is programmable
  • Flat following exposure pattern
  • Notched programmable exposure pattern available
  • SECS/GEM Factory Automation Available
  • System operates by “painting” the edge of the wafer with light
  • Handles differing wafer sizes interchangeably and programmatically




S-Cubed provides higher reliability, more functionality and a smaller footprint – all at a lower cost. We do this by eliminating “non value added” hardware and by the use of advanced controls, software and robotics.

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