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We are S-Cubed

Makers of advanced wafer processing systems
for the semiconductor industry

Surface Treatment Systems/Wet Processing

Wafer scale surface treatment to ensure greater uniformity in the combing of chemistry and energy.

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Lithography Systems, Coat and Develop and Wafer Edge Exposure.

Offering optimized processes for different films and substrate types, ensuring superior uniformity and processability.

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Thermal Reflow Systems for Solder Balls and Pillars

Wafer scale reflow systems for flux (apply & clean) and fluxless processing with the lowest cost of ownership and the most process flexibility in the industry.

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Photoresist Coat and Develop
S-Cubed Scene 12 Photoresist Processor, coater developer
Polyimide Coat and Develop
TMAH Puddle Develop
Photoresist Processing Of Lithium Niobate And Other Pyroelectric Substrates
Thick Photoresist Films Processing For Copper Pillar And Gold Bump Processes
S-Cubed Scene 12 Photoresist Processor, coater developer
Solder Flux Deposit, Reflow And Flux Clean
Wafer Edge Exposure
S-Cubed Scene 12 Photoresist Processor, coater developer
Lift Off Processing
Metal Lift Off Cleaning
Photoresist Stripping and Rework Cleaning
WEE Combined with Develop
S-Cubed Scene 12 Photoresist Processor, coater developer
Thermal Reflow Systems for Solder Balls and Pillars
The Scene 12 Photoresist Processor For Up To 300mm Wafer Bake, Coat, & Develop.
  • Multiple Spinners with Self Cleaning Spin Cups
  • Up to 300mm Wafer Develop & Coat of films from 1u to100u
  • Programmable dispense heights
  • Dual arm dispensers up to four fluids per dispense arm
  • Multiple Thermal modules
  • Self-Cleaning Hot Plate Reduces Downtime
  • High Speed Dual End Effector Robot Swaps at Process Modules and Cassettes
  • Sophisticated Module Stacking for Lowest Possible Footprint
S-Cubed Scene 12 Photoresist Processor, coater developer

Our resist processing systems like the Scene 12 employ advanced Meta-Form design pushing the cost-performance curve…READ MORE
The World’s Most Flexible Resist Processing Systems

The next act in the advancement of resist processing systems, the Scene 8tm (pictured left) for up to 200mm wafers (and the Scene12tm for up to 300mm wafers) provides more capability in less space at lower cost than any system from any manufacturer world wide.

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Why new s-cubed systems have a lower cost of ownership than used

As it becomes apparent that the adoption of new process nodes has been significantly slowed down due to availability and cost of next generation FEOL lithography technologies, it becomes ever more important that the continuation of cost reductions and functionality improvements that have driven the growth of the Semiconductor industry over the last 40 years be sought elsewhere. Various semiconductor manufacturing companies rely on our excellent photoresist processing tools to achieve high process efficiency at lower costs.


The S-Cubed Engineering Team is comprised of accomplished engineers and entrepreneurs with a long history of designing and manufacturing innovative equipment for the semiconductor and allied industries. The Group holds many patents and has been involved in the design, manufacture and marketing of many semiconductor industry “firsts”.

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