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By engineering and manufacturing components in house, S-Cubed is able to provide greater quality, consistency, and customizability to better address customer requirements.


At S-Cubed, our tools are designed and manufactured for one purpose…
to process. Coating, developing, cleaning, and many other manufacturing processes have been developed over years of research and characterization. At S-Cubed, process defines our tools.


As one of the industry’s pioneers in the field of semi-conductor processing tools, S-Cubed represents the evolution of decades of groundbreaking engineering and development. Today our tools are some of the most versatile in the industry.

Advanced Lithography Systems

We offer systems that deliver optimized processes for different film and substrate types to achieve all your lithography goals.

Surface Treatment and Wet Processing

Our wafer scale surface treatment and wet processing systems deliver favorable results while reducing resource consumption.

Thermal Reflow Systems

S-Cubed's reflow systems for both flux and fluxless processing are compact and come with the greatest process precision and capability.

Committed to providing quality and reliability through creative engineering and process savvy.


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