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What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

“From the outset under a very demanding delivery requirement, S-Cubed performed to a very high standard in all the requirements that we had for the coat and develop system with attendant thermal modules. The tool was delivered on time, had performed very reliably, and permitted us to successfully implement a new process owing to its flexibility and process adaptability.

colbrisI look forward to working with you and your colleagues at some time in the future as the need arises.”

Greg Taylor Process Engineering and Integration Manager Colibrys, Inc.

freescale“I have had occasion to work with S-Cubed, Inc. The tool that they supplied to my company Freescale, is a 300 mm and 200 mm process tool. The tool was installed in 2006 and has been in continuous production since. The equipment that we have been supplied by S-Cubed has been one of the most successful of our tool set and we look forward to continuing to work with S-Cubed as a valued vendor going forward.”

CK Goo – RCP Equipment Engineer, Freescale Semiconductor

“Since purchasing our S-Cubed Cyclone High Pressure Spin Dry unit over a year ago, our back end dicing production has experienced less yield loss due to cosmetic defects than before we employed the tool.

nanooptoThe tool has the programming flexibility and associated hardware to fit all of our applications. We have experienced excellent uptime and use the tool on a daily basis. The tool is simple to program and is used by numerous production associates for different applications. Easy operator interface simplifies the training of prospective users. When production demands dictate, we will not hesitate to purchase another system.”

Robert F. Koefer – Manufacturing Engineer NanoOpto Corporation, A Division of API Nanofabrication and Research Corporation

chipMOS“It is my pleasure to write this testimonial letter for S-Cubed, Inc of Montville,  NJ, USA.  We have been using four (4) WEE tools provided us by S-cubed. At start up we needed some capabilities that were not originally on offer, however S-Cubed personnel continuously supported us and made upgrades to the  tool set over the first year of operation. The reliability and stability of the tool set continuously improved as we made clear our needs to them. We have now had the tool set in full production for three years. The  tool set is extremely reliable and any issues that have arisen have been very promptly and aggressively addressed. As an example during the last year of operation the tools have functioned very well. We are very pleased with both the company and its equipment.”

Martin Fu – ChipMOS TECHNOLOGIES  INC., Wafer Bump Equipment Engineering  Department

ziptronix“I have been working in the semiconductor industry for 24 years and have had to work with many equipment and service suppliers during that time. There are only a few of which I can honestly say are actually a pleasure to work with and S-Cubed is one of them. Everyone at S-Cubed is pleasant, professional, eager to please and most of all extremely knowledgeable. Very impressive.”

Tony Rose – R&D Photo Engineer, Ziptronix, Inc.

amkor”We have been using automated tools provided by S-Cubed for many years. The systems have proven to be very reliable “work horses” in our manufacturing environment. Additionally, the service and support that we have been provided has been exemplary. The job always gets done and done promptly whenever the need arises (however rarely). When we have requested upgrades to enhance system functionality as our needs have evolved S-Cubed has been there for us as well.”

Rob Graff – Equipment Engineering Manager, Amkor Technology

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