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PRC 6625

Back Side Reticle Cleaner


The PRC 6625™ (patent pending) provides a means of cleaning the back side of a Pellicilized Reticle without affecting nor even touching the
Pellicilized side of the reticle. The specially designed handling means
coupled with an innovative capture chuck enables the cleaning of the back
to remove unwanted haze and particles. The tool typically handles the
reticles from a SMIF pod and returns the cleaned reticle to the SMIF pod.

The use of the S-Cubed PRC 6625 will substantially reduce reticle set costs by providing means for a fab to clean their reticles without having to resort to sending the reticles out for pellicle demount, clean and remount.

PRC 6625 Features


  • Mask handling is only at points on the edge
  • Pellicle does not need to be removed
  • Clears haze
  • Remove organic and particulate contamination
  • Self contained Class I environment when used with a SMIF pod


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