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Lowest Cost of Ownership High Volume Manufacturing Double sided wafer scrubber.

The product of decades of experience and innovation in wafer cleaning systems.  The System, while focused on double sided wafer cleaning, is derived from S-Cubed’s unique and cost effective MetaformTM Tool design/build strategy.  The Strategy offers users fully tested components in configurations most appropriate to meet customer needs.  The Benefit is higher performance at lower cost.

 Standard Features, not options

  • Multiple process modules configured in a format that permits multiple SMIF ports accessed by one of two five axis robots arrayed in a cruciform layout.
    • Multiple spinners
      • Front side Scrub
      • Back side Scrub.
      • Dual… arm one Brush Scrub arm and one spray dispenser
      • High Pressure spray or Atomized spray or both available.
    • Vertically disposed Buffer/transfer modules
  • High Speed Dual End Effector Robot
    • Dual end effectors enable dedicated non-contact wafer handling and vacuum type wafer handling.
  • Fan Filter unit and ionizer
  • Typical particle removal rates more than 98%.
  • Array of 4 SMIF POD openers.
  • Programmabiity included S-Cubed’s exclusive CAT spray arm move for improved uniformity of cleaning action of the spray, thereby eliminating possibility of device damage at the center of the wafer. CAT (Constant Areal Timing ) Accelerates the spray arm at the center of the wafer.  This feature is user selectable on a step by step basis.
  • Dual Path programming permits multiple processes to run simultaneously.

Using Industry proven robotics and process module platforms in a “block”

Configuration that can be “stacked” to create larger systems

Also Available from S-Cubed

  • Ultra High precision Wafer Edge Exposure (WEE) system
  • Flexi Modular Photoresist process systems
  • FotoFab Manually loaded fully automated process Photoresist process systems
  • Metal Lift Off (LOR) deposition and removal systems
  • Photoresist and polymer stripping and cleaning systems
  • Mask and Reticle Cleaning
  • Customized Handling and Processing



  • PVA Brush for Front side wafer cleaning ( Brush addresses bevel edge through exclusive maneuver of the chuck and brush height at the edge of the wafer.)
  • Nylon Bristle Brush for Back side wafer cleaning
  • All brushes velocity, position and brush pressure programmable
  • Flip station at Buffer module location
  • Programmable brush rotational speed and pressure.
  • High Velocity Aerosol nozzle (HVN) provided with CAT move capability ( customer invoked as desired/required)

Dehydration Hot plate:

  • Programmable temperature up to 180OC standard higher temperatures upon request.
  • Exhaust method eliminates the need to clean the hot plate
  • Fixed proximity on sapphire spheres set at 150 microns, point contact maintains cleanliness of wafer back side.
  • Programmable pin height (descent rate for ramping) repeatable within 10 microns
  • Hot plate uniformity within 1OC

Chill plates:

  • No moving parts, nesting type, sapphire ball point contact.

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