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On Data…Innovation…and Nature

In our first post, we made the following point about companies that are not the huge Foundries; “such companies will use their own creativity and drive to gain a market advantage owing to their expertise in both designing and building their chips. Such companies will need to find ways to lower their manufacturing costs by effectively lowering the cost of ownership of the tools of production.” Another way to make this argument is that those companies must innovate.

But wait. Everyone knows that we all need to be data driven. We need to have the data that successfully makes the argument that the innovation is working successfully. It is sort of a “chicken and egg” dilemma. If we had the data, then it’s been done and if we don’t have the data we can’t proceed. Ultimately, we have to start someplace. The question is always “where?”

First, we need to start with a better understanding of nature. When all else fails, we as professionals should be thinking through what nature wants to happen. The study of chemistry and the laws of thermodynamics in the discipline of physical chemistry can, and should, instruct us and provide the bridge that we build to cross from no data to innovation; and from innovation, to new data that can provide that lower cost of ownership so vital to the companies that must be creative. Ultimately, it is that creativity that helps to foster success.

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