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High Volume Photoresist Processing For WLCSP – S-Cubed “Scene 8”

Lowest Cost of Ownership High Volume Photoresist Processing – SCENE 8.

The next act in the advancement of photoresist processing systems, the Scene8tm for up to 200mm wafers (and the Scene12tm for up to 300mm wafers) provides more capability in less space at lower cost than any system from any manufacturer world wide. Designed for production use with a focus on reliability and throughput.

Scene 8 Wafer Level Chip Scale Processing (WLCSP) Standard Features, not options


  • Up to 9 process modules.
    • Multiple spinners
      • Develop/Coat
      • Programmable dispense heights
      • Dual arm dispensers up to four fluids per dispense arm
      • Self Cleaning Spin Cup
    • Multiple Thermal modules
      • Bake, programmable pin height and fixed proximity combination.
      • Reducing costs and downtime our hot plate does NOT require cleaning.
      • Chill plate is simple no moving parts
    • High Speed Dual End Effector Robot
      • Swaps at process modules and cassettes
      • Industry Exclusive precision wafer centering on the end effector at each wafer move, user programmable. The positioning takes place during the move.
      • Tool teaches itself to center the wafer precisely at the spinners. Built in metrology for wafer centering.
    • Scene8tm can process200mm and 150mm wafers interchangeably with no operator involvement other than select process recipe and press “run”.
    • Fan Filter unit and ionizer
    • For Coating and Developing films from 1 micron to 100 microns.

Detailed Specifications

Photoresist Spinners:

  • Maximum spin speed 6000 RPM
  • Maximum acceleration 6000 RPM/second
  • Precision within 1 revolution in absolute terms
  • Programmable dispense height repeatable within 25 microns
  • Programmable dispense arm radial position repeatable within 125 microns
  • Programmable backside rinse
  • Programmable topside EBR
  • Dual needle dynamic develop for Negative solvent type develop (no over spray)
  • Zero impact puddle build nozzle for Positive type develop
  • Programmable Agitation mode for Positive type develop
  • All coaters are provided with programmable exhaust rate increase/decrease

Hot plates:

  • Programmable temperature up to 180OC standard higher temperatures upon request.
  • Exhaust method eliminates the need to clean the hot plate
  • Fixed proximity on ruby spheres set at 110 microns
  • Programmable pin height (descent rate for ramping) repeatable within 10 microns
  • Hot plate uniformity within .5OC

Chill plates:

  • No moving parts, nesting type, uniformity within 1OC


  • Dispense pumps (low viscosity, high viscosity)
  • Flow sensors monitored by tool and range settable by user for process fluids
  • Syringe dispenser
  • WaferWatcher tm video recorder
  • Built in film metrology unit.


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