S-Cubed Offers Configurable Systems 

All S-Cubed Tools uses field proven modules arranged in process driven configurations. In this way, S-Cubed equipment represents mature engineering design, while retaining maximum flexibility for customer processes.

The Flexi series offers a polar coordinate robot, while the Scene series utilizes a cartesian plane robot with a polar robot capability. The principle difference permits far more addressable functions in Scene series while the Flexi can be both simpler and smaller. S-Cubed basics are fully automated, manually loaded process tools, ideal for academic and laboratory environments.

  • Scene 12

    Scene12 Scene 12

    Capable of processes including: Prime, Chill, Coat, Bake, PEB, WEE, Develop – with up to 50 wafers on the tool this work horse can do it all.

  • Scene 8

    Scene 8

    For production photoresist processing of wafers to 200mm, with high speed handling and programmable wafer centering.

  • Flexi

    Flexi Photoresist Processing Systems

    A low footprint production photoresist with radial robot access and stacked modules for up to 200mm wafers.

  • WEE

    Wee Force300

    Our Wafer Edge Processing provides concentricity within .75mm, handling wafer sizes to 300mm, with flat following & patterns.

  • S Cubed – Basic

    S-Cubed-Basic S Cubed – Basic

    For your lab or research facility these value oriented machines replicate high cost lithography processesin smaller, less expensive footprints.