Semiconductor Photoresist, And Cleaning Process Tools

S-Cubed Basics


This manually loaded and manually operated super simple table top spinner is intended for use in laboratories needing low cost spinners with highly precise spin speed and acceleration control. The unit is controlled by a Net book computer with a fully integrated Graphical User Interface allowing users industrial control found in fully automated systems.

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The FotoFab is a manually loaded system with automated process steps allowing for production worthy repeatability in a manually loaded system. A system for both scholastic and light industrial users, where a full scale industrial process needs to be emulated or developed. The system comes complete with fully automated, programmable and integrated dispensers, programmable oscillating dispense arms, spin bowl exhaust level, hot plate and cold plate; even the vacuum pump for the chuck is included. The user simply plugs the system in and provides facility exhaust. In this low-cost system the capability of multi million dollar systems comes included. “Just what you need”, nothing more but nothing less either.

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Flexi Basicflexi-basic

This fully automated, cassette to cassette, multiple wafer size system, provides at minimum cost in the smallest footprint; industrially ruggedized wafer handling complemented by totally programmable, in the case of Flexi III, or adjustable, in the case of Flexi IV, process parameter control. The system is capable of producing both industrially and in the development lab all of the capabilities of the worlds most expensive and sophisticated tools and then some in a small and inexpensive package.

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S-Cubed offers long proven process capability in combination with the most up to date control and software capabilities. New control technology has enabled a substantial reduction in cost, permitting S3 to offer new equipment at costs that often are lower than used or rebuilt equipment, while offering superior process capability, reliability and new equipment warranty. The Cyclone™ provides the highest in performance, not in spite of its low cost, but because of it… intelligent application of technology while at the same time lowering cost.

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